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Thread: Been on a plane recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YardleyLabs View Post
    Richard Colvin Reed, a British citizen, is fifth on the list and is the shoe bomber.
    I stand corrected. At madnight I kan't red so goode
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    Whatever it takes.....EVEN one terrorist getting through is too many.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosier View Post
    Well once there is a documented case of an old Jewish lady with a boob bomb. I'll stick with my opinion.
    You knew, all you had to do was ask, in this age of Google!

    But I doubt she was Jewish, so your ultimatum still stands. I've never heard of a Jewish bra bomber, but I did try to date Mrs. Katz's daughter, and a bomb would have been more merciful!

    DD regards,
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    After reading all the posts submitted to this thread, I'm further convinced this is the best solution...although I've never enjoyed seeing a 44DD go to waste.

    The best suggestion I've heard recently is for the airports to not bother with the full body scanners...just have a blast-proof booth that you step into, and it will detonate any explosive device you may have on your body.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL View Post
    For what it is worth, on Tuesday coming through immigration in Charlotte, they had a guy submit his fingerprints through the device right at passport control because he couldn't understand english well enough
    They do this to all non US citizens at charlotte now including legal green card holders (perm residents).
    I have an american accent, been here since 1967, and they did it to me last March when I came back from vacation in Jamaica.
    Funny thing was tho, I flew thru immigration in Jamaica and exit Jamaica security faster than anyone else in our group of 14 with my British passport vs their American ones.
    We did see however someone who was hanging around the arrivals area as we were waiting for the rest of our group get questioned, asked for id, and taken away for questioning.

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