coyote vs labrador
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Thread: coyote vs labrador

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    Default coyote vs labrador

    On Christmas eve morning I let Bramble (90 pounds), Brair (30 pounds and the new pup) And Buddy (15 pounds and my wifes resuce pound mutt that we both fell in love with) out to relieve themselves.

    It was Nine O' Clock bright sunny day and unfortunately I had decided not to hunt that day. After about 10 minutes two dogs came back and one didn't return. A quick walk to the end of the driveway, revealed a single, large coyote poised over a lifeless Buddy. I ran back to the house and grabed a shotgun but by then the wild dog had made it to cover

    Then ,the hardest phone call ever made to my wife was placed. We burried buddy and spent a very sad Christmas minus one very special little dog that had touched our hearts for three years.

    Later in the day my wife noticed that Bramble had blood on his back and a good sized hole. After a trip to the vet and some staples, Bramble was fine.

    I now worry about my pup and my 10 year old Bramble--this was in our front yard. have any of you had a similiar experiance, and would a coyote or a pack take on a good sized lab?

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    Sorry for your loss. Might be time for some varmit hunting...
    Bill Davis

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.

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    Not usually unless there real hungry there gonna take on prey that won't fight back we got alot of yotes around here and have never heard of one killing a big dog.

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    Sorry for your loss...Shoot everyone you see. This is more prominent now in suburban areas.

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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    Oh no, how horrible, something like that would just freak me out...
    So sorry, poor little Buddy...

    We now carry a gun, when we go for long walks, lots of coyotes around.
    My question, hear them a lot at night. Do they run around in packs?
    Have heard that one will lure a dog out, then pack will come out of hiding and attack.
    Didn't know if this is true.

    Our yard is fenced, but still nervous...
    Charlotte Kaiser: " The Problem Lies In The Talent."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7pntail View Post
    I now worry about my pup and my 10 year old Bramble--this was in our front yard. have any of you had a similiar experiance, and would a coyote or a pack take on a good sized lab?
    I would absolutely be cautious when it comes to both your pup and your Lab-especially since the coyote has been successful once.

    My twin lives in Alaska and carries a gun whenever she is out. She's probably 90 pounds soaking wet, so not a very intimidating presence! She and her husband acquired a pup within the last 4-5 months and they are very cautious -never leaving the pup out alone. She's had owls and eagles swoop in when out with the pup.

    Their older Lab is allowed out on his own, as he doesn't go far from the house. But they are wary if they hear coyotes. Sometimes one coyote or wolf will try and draw a dog out only to be attacked by several others that are waiting. **Oops-just saw that someone else posted this!

    Sorry to hear about your wife's dog. Very sad.

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    Very sad, poor little Buddy. Coyotes are sneaky predators who will come after dogs. Stay on your guard all the time. Start shooting them.

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    In my experience they are TYPICALLY not in packs. It would also be rare for a Coyote to attempt to take on a large dog.(Too much risk, and effort) These are two reliable "rules". That being said, never say never...


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    Since they let the damb wolves loose here I know of several dogs that have been taken out of guys front yards. Had a friend up north he had a mountain lion attack him in his back yard, his shepard dog saved him. Coyotes will pack up and take on bigger animals......

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