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Thread: GM, Ford, Nissan see double-digit jumps in sales as economy strengthens

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    Quote Originally Posted by K G View Post
    One good quarter does not a trend make..."good" being the relative term. Anything that isn't red is good; do it for several consecutive quarters and BHO might have better than a snowball's chance of being re-elected...the national debt and our budget deficit notwithstanding....

    I hardly think it's time to celebrate just yet.....

    Reality regards,

    That's why I said "a good sign in a struggling economy".

    No celebration regards, but maybe, just maybe, we are crawling out of an economic hole. Take a look at this estimate for the fourth quarter "Economy soars 5.7 percent, fastest in 6 years". Again not reported here before.

    That seems to be two quarters. The next worry is the double dip recession.
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