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Thread: Iran to "Punch the Arrogant West" on feb 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    On February 11th Mahmoud Ahmandinejad will announce to the world that Barack Obama is actually the 12th Imam.

    I'll take the river down to still water and ride a pack of dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david gibson View Post
    so what do you think will happen Feb 11???

    is it all a bunch of posturing? or is Iran really going to do something rash?

    i doubt they would launch any missiles, but you never know.

    i think they will test-launch some new generation missile, or - i hope not - maybe even test a small nuke deep underground and surprise everyone that they are further along than we ever knew......

    any thoughts?

    oh yeah - a lot of help these "talks" and "understanding" O pledged he would do have been. remember - Ian, venezuela, and N korea are all "tiny" countries - what could they ever do to us???

    every second of every day i find myself despising this "president" more and more.....waiting for the 2am knock at the door and black chopper overhead - i would consider that a badge of honor!
    Just an hour or so to go.
    I couldn't sleep last night, since I was gripped by fear knowing that Obama wouldn't protect us.
    I so wish we had the ever vigilant "W" back on the watch, as he would never allow anything bad to happen on his watch. Would he?

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    i didn't even feel like i got shoved.....-Paul
    there's no good reason to fatten up a retriever.

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