yup - better look out for glolbal warming!!!!
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Thread: yup - better look out for glolbal warming!!!!

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    Default yup - better look out for glolbal warming!!!!

    for the first time in recorded climate history of the US there is documented snow on the ground in all 50 states! this has never occurred before!

    and they still want to claim that this latest round of winter storms is due to global warming? that claim is based on warmer air holding more moisture, and as wet storms cross higher latitudes they bring more snow. theory is plausible, but of course no where close to proven.

    but this cant explain snow on the ground in all 50 states, florida and all across the south as well as hawaii (mountain tops of course, but it counts) - a record 11 in+ around DFW! you can argue that GW could cause more severe winter storms in northern latitudes, but not in the south.

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    so, now what?
    Volcano vaporizers
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    Quote Originally Posted by precisionlabradors View Post
    so, now what?

    How can you be so spaced out? Certainly you MUST realize it's time for another Henry V chart to comfort all you Algorists.

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    Come on this is all because of global warming.....er I mean climate change

    See they are trying really hard not to call it GW any more because everyone is on to the BS, but climate is always changing so in a way they are right.........still full of crap though......
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