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Thread: How Labradors are Supposed to Look? (pics)

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    I will certainly agree with you Troy........
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    Troy, you have put up some very good pictures of labs out in the field. What camera lens combination do you use?
    Howard Niemi

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    Thanks Howard, I shoot a Nikon D5100 body with a 55-300mm Nikon lens. It was a christmas present to myself last year. I bought both items through Best Buy. The camera is much smarter than I am, LOL, I have been using it in the basic action setting which gives 3 pictures per second. I have been fortunate to capture some nice photo's of Pearl and also of my daughter's sporting events which was the real reason for me getting it. It also takes nice video too. Has been a real treat and a great addition to all I do outdoors and for family.

    I wasn't sure whether to post more pictures or not, I have been a hunter for years, a trainer for months and I know through reading the posts that many here are heavy into training, hence my joining so that I can learn more on that end. Hopefully I can contribute some with my photos and bring some enjoyment and pleasure that way.

    Thanks again, Have a great Holiday Season.

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    Nice pics Troy!!

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    Your idea of what a lab should like is spot on. Great Pics by the way especially like the one with the dog in the water and the duck laying over the eyes. While looks are important, the trainability and function of the dog are just as important in my world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy Fields View Post
    Have a great Holiday Season.
    Same to you! Great looking lab. Love how their eyes light up when they get to do what they love.
    God bless our Troops and their Family!

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    I always liked the looks of FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder and his pa, Barracuda Blue. Here is Ryder's pix:

    I also like the dogs that came out of FC AFC Dotty's Cruisen Mach Three (Razor) and FC AFC Machthree's Edge (Edge). This breeding produced very nice looking pups with some field ability. This is a pix of Ollie at one year:
    Ollie 180b.jpg

    I don't want to feed an ugly dog!

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    Meg 2011.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
    I think that is truly the only way to bridge the gap. Get a whole bunch of moderate dogs and enter in shows. The judges can only put up what they have to judge and if all they have waddles, then that's what we get. Were we to actually try this it would have to be more than a flash in the pan, but week after week at the shows, realizing that it is like throwing money away as the chances are not high of winning. But under the right non-breeder judge I think they would put up a true moderate lab that fit the standard if there were enough entering and not going away. Could very well save our breed from the chasm of type that seem to continue to widen year in and year out.
    I think it would work. With correct moderate labs. Judges get used to what they see, and the more people do nothing the more heavy the breed will get. I have a nice correct male almost 6 months, but I don't keep him fat, and won't. He has some show and some field in him, but he doesn't really care about his pedigree... I would LOVE to gather some folks with dogs with good form and go "Storm" some shows. I enjoy showing, and it would be fun to see what would happen at a small show with some nice labs and just a few fat labs. The only sad part is that if the fat ones still get chosen the rest of use would just bump up the points for them But I think if true muscle showed up into the ring the fat would show for what it was. I was at a show once and there were 5 brittanies, but 1 was white enough to make the others look a bit yellow. Guess who won (edited here and can not believe I just made that error... *blush*). white looked white until it stood next to real white.... The same could happen with fat and muscle.
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