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Thread: Chicago's 2nd ammendment rights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leddyman View Post
    Neither the constitution nor the federal government gives you rights.

    Added the extra exclamation point so that the message would be of sufficient length.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    Not what I doesn't say who can't infringe upon that right...

    It doesn't seem to specify that only the feds are restricted from infringing upon our right to bear arms and the states can do as they please. It's not 'shall not be infringed by the federal govt', just 'shall not be infringed.'

    That was supposed to be a big period, but it looks kinda stupid...
    It also doesn't say who the people are technically. The federal constitution applies to the federal government, as Jeff stated for the most part, state constitutions have certain things they aren't allowed to infringe upon because of the 14th amendment but other than that the constitution applies to the federal government and what they can't do to people. The states get "free reign" over people. The idea was that if you didn't like what one state was doing you could move to the next. This process has kind of been negated because of the federal government saying either do this or that or we will hold back federal dollars. Seat belt law anyone?

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