Eddie Bauer? Field trial history
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Thread: Eddie Bauer? Field trial history

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    Kristie Wilder

    Default Eddie Bauer? Field trial history

    I was not aware of this and don't think I've ever heard it mentioned here:

    "First Labrador Retriever In 1930, Eddie brought the first black Labrador retriever into Washington State. An expert hunter, he became a passionate advocate for the breed. In 1960, he formed Wanapum Kennels to raise champion field trial Labs. In 1974, he was named Retriever Breeder of the Year"

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    Pretty interesting fact there girl. Where did you find that info?
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    The Northwest Retriever Club (Seattle area) has a traveling trophy that they have been awarding to the winner of their spring Open forever (something like 50 years or more). There are a lot of famous handlers and dogs on that trophy (and 1 not so famous, me!). Anyway, one of the first things I noticed about that trophy was Eddie Bauers name.
    Bill Davis

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    Kristie Wilder


    Quote Originally Posted by duckslayer View Post
    Pretty interesting fact there girl. Where did you find that info?
    I search news for labrador retriever stuff for our facebook page for our other business... Thought this was pretty neat.

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    Eddie Bauer was the breeder of quite a few big-time dogs. Go to gooddoginfo and search by breeder.

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    Lots of Wanapum Dogs on the local Trophy. I went goose hunting last year with the guy who used to manage and guide all of Eddie's hunting properties in Eastern Washington. He's a firefighter now. He is a friend of a friend, can't remember his name. I could post a picture but, don't feel right about it, the guy could be wanted in six states or something?

    No doubt, Eddie Bauer, Bert Carlson, Bob Pepper, Paul Shoemaker, Dr. Greenleaf and numerous others in Washington State all made valuable contributions to the retriever world.

    Bert Carlson, still owns Carlson's K-9 Country Club.(in a lot of pictures I post because it is 5 minutes from my house and I train there) Open to public

    Bob Pepper, Son still owns Peppers Retriever Grounds(about 15 minutes)
    open to public
    Paul Shoemakers Brother, who was famous for training pointing dogs in the 1950's, donated a lot of land at Cherry Valley, a public, no fee area open area for training and hunting

    Dr. Greenleaf's wife Judy still operates their grounds which holds many trials and training days. She also does not charge fees for amatuer clubs to reserve the grounds for training days. Otherwise, all club members get a code to the gate.

    Not to stop just at dogs but, some folks here may recognize the name Kleinberger. World famous big game outfitters. Also all lived in the Valley. I was lucky enough to be invited to visit their trophy room a few months ago. Over 50 years of hunting memorabilia. I took about 200 pictures. It was amazing. Eddie was a regular client is what the story says.

    All of these are located in the Snoqualmie Valley. There is also a lot of open to public state land to use. Not a bad place to have a couple dogs.
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