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Thread: FC-2xNAFC 3xCNFC-CAFC River Oaks Corky (Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard N View Post
    Thanks for the pix Kevin.

    Usually you see kinda formal, field trial, white coat, stuffed shirtish pix of the greats of the past.

    Really refreshing to see a pic of one of the greats having fun with his owner:

    If that was my dog, I'd say she's tryin' for a cookie.
    Many years ago I went to a FT down at Charlie Hines's place. My wife's best friend came along, she had just recently purchased a pup for hunting out of NFC-AFC Eba and had asked to meet him. I took her over to meet the Hanveys (NFC Eba's owners) they let him out to meet her. She sat down at the base of a tree, and he just loved her up, kissing her, begging her, rolling on her lap, wanting his butt and neck scratched.

    I said "that is the National Field Champion loving you up right there!" She said, "I know, quite a testament to the breed!"

    I never forgot that.
    Kevin Walker

    Drive is the manifestation of Desire, and measured in Style.
    Thank you judges who score Style, you are preserving Desire!

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    One talented animal. Thanks for taking the time to share.


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