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Thread: It's Offical

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    Thanks for helping to buy my groceries.

    Just a joke....not a freeloader regards,

    I hope they are rotten.

    Just a joke.............maybe.
    RIP SGT. David Blake Williams KIA 22 Mar 2008 Iraq

    Every day should be Veteran's day.

    "They say War is Hell, but I have to disagree. War is easy. It's the living afterwards thats hell." Author Unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpholehunter View Post
    I really hate this administration. Say what you will about GWB, but for 8 years while he was running things, I did not owe taxes when I filed, as a matter of fact, got back several thousand dollars for the last 5-6 years of his time in office. Since Obama has taken office, I have had to pay after filing. And before any one says anything, I don't make 250,000 a year. Nothing has changed except the person in the white house. Together my wife and I make over 150,000 a year, so aren't we the group that was supposed to get the breaks? I call BS. I guess I should have known though.
    You need to compare your previous years tax returns and determine what your tax rate is. You will find that your tax rate has not gone up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul young View Post
    where are you earning 3-7%? what is the minimum balance required? i want a piece of that...-Paul

    Just to be clear my statement was meant to be over the course of my lifetime and even averaging it including this year and last the average would be well over 3%. I am also not implying that I deposit my withholding monthly, but more that keeping everything I can allows be to do what I want with my general pool of money. Currently I am getting 1.4% which sucks, but it is 1.4% more than I get if I send it in as withholding each month.
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    Corey Burke

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    ttttttttttttttttttttt sorry guys

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