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Thread: Obumma is Lying again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    GW Bush was the most leftist president the Republicans have fielded since Hoover. You lefties should praise him, not cry about him.

    He got us into war just like LBJ/Kennedy, Truman, Wilson (FDR exempted since we were attacked).

    He signed the patriot act, which the left will find a way to use against conservatives.

    He expanded medicare drug for seniors - one step closer to socialized medicine.

    He took a whole lot of people off the tax roles making it easier for government to expand spending (even though people pay taxes, not corporations)

    He signed McCain Feingold
    The sad thing is, we would have gotten more of the same no matter which one of the clowns was elected President in the last election.

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    The sad thing is ... We cant trust any of them. So at least we have our dogs ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by choclab32 View Post
    The sad thing is ... We cant trust any of them. So at least we have our dogs ??
    Having our dogs isn't sad. Four of mine are sitting with me now and the fifth will be back from Georgia soon.

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    dogs are the only thing you can trust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whistler View Post
    dogs are the only thing you can trust
    I don't know about that. Old Angus will break every now and then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dnf777 View Post
    Dude, you don't have a pilot's license, do you?

    Of course you're free to spout whatever you want, but I'd be careful of physical threats against the President of the United States!

    Go play with the dogs, its therapeutic....its how many of us survived the Bush years with our sanity!
    I made no physical threat against him, if he was convicted of a charge of treason the law takes over.
    Actually spent the day playing with the dogs. It was 76 degrees and we opened the pool for them.
    I've got one senior who over did it is is now taking his buffered asprin.
    He couldn't resist all the tennis balls and bumpers flying between the yard work.
    I should have sent him in the house.
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