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Thread: how much will you pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by YardleyLabs View Post
    For a long time, I have also believed that companies should not be permitted to buy health insurance on behalf of their employees, but that employees should have to pay for their insurance directly. That would probably do more to control health care costs than anything that can ever be done through regulation.

    N/M, i mis-read that statement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freefall319 View Post
    What? You cant be serious? Do you know how much that would cost the average family? The wages sure as hell would have to climb. I make a decent living and I know if I had to pay 100% of my Kaiser for my wife and kid's we'd have to move back into an appartment to make ends meet.

    The employeer paying thier end actually means more to me than the COLA i get every year.

    My reasoning is threefold. My assumption is that employers would modify compensation to reflect the change so that employees would receive salary adjustments equal to the value of the benefits lost. For sake of argument, assume that happens.

    The first thing noticed will be gross salary inequities since those receiving family coverage will be getting paid more that those without dependents even if they are doing the same job. We may believe that is desirable, but it would not stand in the face of competition for staff.

    Second, employees would begin to understand the true cost of their benefits, increasing pressure for cost reductions that is not there now. Many will want to drop coverage or reduce the scope of benefits covered to reduce cost, forcing improved efficiency in health care.

    Third, the competitiveness or American businesses within the global economy will be improved since they will not be paying health care costs. These costs are not paid by businesses in other countries.

    If businesses were not paying health benefits, we would have had national health insurance years ago and health care would be consuming 10-12% of GDP instead of 16-17%.

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