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View Poll Results: controlled break or verbally restraining the dog?

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  • drop the team because the handler spoke to the dog before dog was released

    60 36.14%
  • carry the team with stern warning

    106 63.86%
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Thread: controlled break poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juli H View Post
    It is hard to keep track of everyone's opinions on the 'controlled break' thread...


    if a sr handler speaks to his dog because he 'feels' the dog is about to break (even tho the dog is NOT making forward movement), do you as a judge drop the dog or carry the dog with appropriate 'penalty'. .. the dog may be 'dancing', may be standing, may be whining..whatever...the bottom line is that the dog has NOT made forward movement.

    arm chair judging, regards.


    Mark it as a controlled break. You know your dog and may be respondeing to a physical sign I am unaware of. Do it again and you would have to be dropped. I did not vote because you missed mark as a controlled break w/o a stern warning. No stern warning needed IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron Musick View Post
    I was sitting with the judges (collecting birds) and that is what they said, does not mean later they changed their mind, but since he told the dog no, and brought it back to heel.... The judges both stated since he did that it was a controlled break, that was what the judges told the handler at the end of the first test.

    I'm not always capturing things correctly (one of the good things about being a newbie). The dog broke the same time the judge said "Dog".

    So thats my story, Just how I perceived it.
    The moment a judge calls for the dog by # or "dog" he has been released.. NO BREAK controlled or otherwise. Re-heeling is a handlers chioce only at that time. IMO, he is upholding a standard as a team and would not be dropped at that time.
    Never trust a dog to watch your food!

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