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Thread: I have a BLACKHEARTED PUNK of a NAPPY BROWN DOG possesed by DEMONS!

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    Default I have a BLACKHEARTED PUNK of a NAPPY BROWN DOG possesed by DEMONS!

    Our Chessie, Scout is really my husbands dog, but I have always enjoyed working with him. UNTIL TODAY!

    We have finally been working on the beginning steps of swim by. Since we got to Idaho, Laura (North Mountain) has let us use her force pond. Things have been going really well, considering that Scout should have had this a long time ago. Anyway, Ralph has gone back to Carolina to get the rest of our stuff and is driving back. So meanwhile I have the "nappster" to myself for the week.

    Our session today went better than ever. He was stopping much quicker and holding it longer before taking nice left and right back casts to the pile. He has really been learning and coming along. When I was done with his lesson, I put him back in the box while I took Indy out to swim for a while. When I came back, I figured Scout needed to air before we headed back to the RV Park. He still had his collar on, but I had turned it off when I put him in the truck and forgot about it. I took him out to the yard and turned him loose. He took off like a shot back to the swim by pond and leaped in and started swimming laps. I called him, I whistled, I ran away, I begged and he would not get his butt out of the pond. Finally I grabbed the only thing I had, my new "Taos, NM" cap off of my head. That grabbed his attention! I tossed it in the air over my head and said "fetch". Boom, out of the water he came. He roared right past me, snatching up the cap on the way by. The next thing I know, he was off and circling the field with my hat having a high old time. Each time he would slow down, I would try sneaking up on him. Each time he ran off at the last minute. We were getting closer to the pond again. Finally I just lost it and hollered, "sit you s*ithead". That did it, he was off to the pond again, WITH MY NEW HAT! I swear he went out of his way to dunk it over and over again and drag it through the algae and mud. Then he comes back out, tearing straight for me and "tagging" me with the cap as he passes. I tried going back to the truck and ignoring him, turned around and he had layed down and was starting to EAT my hat!. I walked as close as I could before I saw him readying for takeoff, put my green monster to my lips, and blew that sucker so hard I saw Scout's ears fly back in the wind! The shock lasted just long enough for me to throw myself on top of him and grab my hat. I picked him up by the scruff and shook him till his teeth rattled. Once I had my hat in hand, he walked peacefully at heel with me back to the truck.

    Now what program do you guys use to deal with this?????? I'll buy the video.
    Carol Howey
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    Actually Carol, if you would have taped this, WE would be buying the video!!!!! Would have guaranteed your "retirement".

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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    Sounds like a "water freak" to me. It is mainly a Chesapeake thing, I believe. I've had a couple of Chesapeakes over the years who liked to freak. Our first Chesapeake was pretty placid about it. She would jump into any water anywhere and start swimming in circles and biting at the bubbles she made with her front paws and barking now and then. I was told, "Never let them get into the water without something to retrieve that they have to bring back". It worked very well for our next "freak". Also, having the collar on and calling "here" with appropriate correction usually cleans it up. If you do ever make a tape, I'd be delighted to buy a copy of the video also! Enjoy the journey!

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    Stop abusing my doggie

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    See the online version on UTuBE-

    "My Mom's a Pushover" by Scout!

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    I thought I heard some unnatural noises coming from the pasture. Now I know what they were all about!
    Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRalph View Post
    Stop abusing my doggie

    Ya Carol quit being mean to Ralphs dog.

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    Are you sure this was the Chessie not the Lab? Sounds like something a few of my labs will pull.
    Magic, are you listening? Turkey with all the ob titles pulled these games the other week while boarding at a field training facility.
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    Sounds like a Chessie to me! as much as I love them, I have days I wonder why I have them LOL

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    I shouldn't laugh but that was funny Carol!

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