For a fun time, read reviews of Hillary's/ Kaine's new "book" at Amazon!
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Thread: For a fun time, read reviews of Hillary's/ Kaine's new "book" at Amazon!

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    Default For a fun time, read reviews of Hillary's/ Kaine's new "book" at Amazon!

    It came with a certificate good for one free ambassadorship and a guaranteed seat on ..., September 21, 2016
    The One

    This review is from: Stronger Together (Paperback)
    I ordered this book from the Clinton Foundation for 2.5 million USD. It came with a certificate good for one free ambassadorship and a guaranteed seat on the State Department advisory board. I only give it one star because when I received the book I found all the pages had been deleted.
    5.0 out of 5 starsI want to live
    ByAmy on September 17, 2016
    Nothing new here. The book is full of lies, just like Hillary. I'm leaving a five star review so I don't get straight up murdered.
    I was pretty disappointed with this book. When the subject of the book is one of greatest criminals in American history I was really hoping for more.

    Anyone can be a criminal, but how do you become the GREATEST criminal? that is what readers really want to know.

    A step-by-step guide on how to monetize political influence, how to flaunt criminal behavior and even daringly project ones own criminal behavior onto other people -- specifically other political opponents -- is what I, and I think I can speak for everyone, would really want from Hillary.

    For example, How do I get the head of the FBI to conjure up non-existent legal standards for my law breaking? What kind of dirt do I need on the FBI for the head of the organization to lie under oath about the need for "intent" to mishandle classified information when an intent requirement is nowhere to be found for this law? Furthermore, how do I get the FBI director to look the other way from the obvious intent of setting up the server in the first place, telling staffers to remove classified headings, telling the company monitoring my server to use bleachbit to delete all the emails AFTER getting a subpoena? This is truly groundbreaking criminal excellence that needs to be explained and shared. Hillary claims to be about fairness so her keeping all these tips to herself isn't very "fair" to the rest of us aspiring criminals.

    How about a step-by-step explanation for how I can project my illegal dealings with the Russians into a negative narrative for my political opponent? Hillary was able to sell 25% of an American strategic mineral (uranium) while coincidentally receiving a large donation to her foundation from people associated to the deal and the Russian company purchasing the large stake of US uranium, but that is not all! Hillary's husband went to Russia to give an AMAZING speech at a russian gov owned bank, I don't really know if it was amazing but I imagine it had to be for them to be willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 45-90 min speech wink wink. Yet despite all this obviously nefarious and clearly dangerous for US Nat security behavior Hillary has successfully been able to shift her Russian ties onto her political opponent, another incredible feat!

    How is it done?

    How can we do it?

    5 stars when I can get those answers!

    Four days ago (the morning of Sept 19) there were 898 reviews of this book. By evening there were 983 reviews. The reviews were merciless and many quite funny (though mostly accurate). This morning I look and there's 209 reviews. Hmmmmm, what happened to all those other reviews? Apparently Clinton has friends at Amazon.
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    Well SteveMo since you gave money to Trump did you buy/read his "Art of the Deal?" What is your take? I will sleep with the Devil from New York since he is against TPP AND TPIP! One issue blindness why complicate life.

    Iconoclast regards...Stein

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    Well, here's a five star review for the libs here.

    5.0 out of 5 starsThis is the greatest book ever written
    ByCarl Reddickon September 23, 2016
    Format: Paperback
    This is the greatest book ever written. It starts out with an orphan girl coming of age during a time of political turmoil. She marries poorly and is soon consumed with an addiction to 'nervous medicine' because of her husband's shenanigans. Bravely she faces the harlots and whores who would destroy her husband so that she can have access to the Big House. Soon she meets a Senator Moynahan who is confused why she would come visiting him in New York when she so clearly has her roots, like her hair color, in Chicago. She eventually parlays a presidential loss into a secretary of stateship, graduating into the highest levels of politics. Age eventually takes its toll but not before her political triumphs in Syria, Lybia, Africa, Russia, China, and westchester New York where she buys her third house declaring 'as God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again' .
    The final six chapters, alas, were redacted but a Clinton sequel is coming soon to a theater near you.

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