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Thread: New Jobless Claims Leap To 500.000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Covey View Post
    Didn't Reagan create over 20million jobs AND have wages increase while being the only recent president not to raise minimum wage? He was before my time so just looking for a history lesson~
    I don't know what Reagan's job creation stats were. I'm sure you can look it up. I do know the top down economic theory was embraced by Reagan. I also know that real wages in the US have been in decline for many years.

    I also know that during the Clinton years a lot of jobs were created. Mostly service jobs while manufacturing jobs disappeared. Ross Perot was right about NAFTA. We are still feeling the effects. That sucking sound that is America's jobs moving out of the country has less to do with Economic cycles and more to do with Trade and Tax Policy. A borrowed opinion from many experts that I subscribe to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YardleyLabs View Post
    I absolutely agree. Remember that for when Republicans are in control and Democrats return the favor. They never have in the past to anything even close to current practices, but I think most Democrats believe that it is time to do so the next time around. Had Democrats followed the Republican approach with Bush's court nominations, he would not have been able to appoint a single judge during his eight year term. Instead, Democrats blocked 10 judges after approving more than 800 and Republicans threatened the nuclear option. The one plus to a Democratic loss of control will be seeing how the same shoes fit on the other feet.
    I would hope that at some point, someone just decides to act like adults and work together. But I'm not holding my breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    I would hope that at some point, someone just decides to act like adults and work together. But I'm not holding my breath.
    I would love the same. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years I do not think the "guilt" has been evenly distributed.Democrats worked with Reagan, Bush 41, and even Bush 43. Republicans have tried to do everything short of a coup d'etat to avoid working with either Clinton or Obama. While it may not seem so from your perspective, Reagan and Bush 43 were at least as radical in their politics as Clinton and Obama. More than anything else, the 1996 Republican Revolution created a new era of nastier partisanship than had been seen at any other time after Roosevelt.
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    Why would any member of the GOP want to work with Obama?

    He has yet to support any legislation that would be good for the USA!

    What happened in Ayn Rand's narrative is coming to pass today, with an anti-business administration reviling private industry, capitalizing on crisis to expand the Federal Government and redirect investment within and between sectors of the economy — setting quotas, prices and compensation. Businesses responded by retrenching — ceasing to invest, innovate and expand. Whole industries contracted, closed down, or moved offshore; much like the U.S. gas and oil drilling industry is doing today. Then, just as now, management became frustrated and discouraged, reluctant to create jobs in an environment of excessive government meddling.
    "All those things bother me: The populism, the lying and the scapegoating and the xenophobia bother me, but then there’s a layer of incompetence here. I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful: If he had a coherent ideology, he’d probably be more dangerous." P J O'Rourke

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