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Thread: R Public Employees Overpaid - Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    You can support a household for a hell of a lot less than unions demand. I know what I make and I support a stay at home wife and three kids. I know what a friend in PA makes as a union carpenter and what he says a lot of the other union workers he works with gets paid. Let's just say he's got it waaaaay better than I do. However, it is not necessary to make that much money to support a family. Don't get me wrong, they have it really good with their benefits and all, but if the union would get their head out of their butt (maybe you can help)(calm down, not a knock on your profession) maybe they would realize that if people made 10% less, they could employ 10% more people, have less delays on job completions, make more money on union dues, perhaps help improve their image, etc...
    I'll take that 10% pay reduction and raise you another 40%. Now, if CEO's take a 50% pay reduction, they will still be making 250 X what they pay their workers. And the workers can all have a raise, free healthcare, and a pension. And the CEO still has enough for several mansions, a nice Yacht, and his membership at the Best Golf Clubs in the country.

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    What would happen if the state prisons paid prison guards minimum wage? Would anybody work in a prison for minimum wage? The wage has to attract workers. Personally I think that being a high school teacher would be very unpleasant. I think being an engineer would be relatively stress free. If someone truely gets paid solely on what they know and not for putting up with manure, that is the best deal going.

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