Add Auntie Zeituni to Obama's list....
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Thread: Add Auntie Zeituni to Obama's list....

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    Default Add Auntie Zeituni to Obama's list....

    of people who he'd really wish would just please STFU. Here's poor Auntie complainin' about how the system took advantage of her by giving her food, shelter, and medical care:

    Another Auntie gem: "If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen." Priceless, Auntie. Priceless.

    Of course, no matter what, Biden always occupies the top spot on the list. This weekend, while judging a hog callin' contest at the Podunk County Festival in Iowa, Biden demoted himself to being "second in line" for the presidency. Keep it dunce-like, Joe. Keep it dunce-like.
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    Absolutely priceless. Thanks for the belly laugh, I needed that!

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