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Thread: ***OFFICIAL***2010-2011 Hunting Season POTUS Brag Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh345 View Post
    Elk is one of my favorite's along with Antellope.
    Bill, I hope you didn't do what I did for years and throw away the ribs. They are delicious!!

    My all time favorite is Bald Eagle though!!!!
    I seem to have developed a taste for crow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh345 View Post
    My all time favorite is Bald Eagle though!!!!
    If any of you spend any time on the refuge, you would know that I am a connosuier of the pied billed grebe.

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    Nice picks

    I've been hunting at least twice a week for geese since the first weekend in November. Birds of all variety are down and the weather just sucks for hunting! 70 degrees today and tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and no wind. We can't catch a break!
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    C S Lewis

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