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Thread: Atty: California gov candidate Meg Whitman knew housekeeper was in US illegally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Perry View Post
    And what about Whitman lying on national television about not having any knowledge of recieving a letter from SSA? I realize she is a republican and all but does that excuse the lie? After all the republicans have been lying for years to cover their arses.
    You seem to have a propensity for calling people liers, even those who don't remember a letter they might have received in 2003. Well I for one can tell you that I can't remember a single letter that I received in 2003. I can tell you that I have received letters from the SS Administration concerning employees at times during the course of business. Some concerning w-2 forms name discrepencies and I am sure concerning other matters. I did what the letters said to do to straighten out the matter and then FORGOT ABOUT THEM! If I wanted to hire an illegal allein I can tell you that the last place that I would go to would be an emplorment agency. I don't know why you would make such an assumption of her lying be it she is a republican or a former CEO, a successful Ceo that is. CEO's for that matter are not people rising from hades or alliens from outer space, or clones or people who have been hired for the job because they are dunderheads. Most are the tow haired boy or the pigtailed girl who sat next to you in grammar school who was blessed with at least an average ability who was willing to take a job maybe any job at first, worked hard usually far harder than everybody else and with a litle bit of luck, reached their childhood dream and became the head of a company. If they failed they picked themselves up didn't blame others for their failures, didn't poormouth, but started over. Most never were laid of, never gor an unemplorment or disabillity check. Most would never complain.

    If your accusations are because she is a republican, that appears to be the norm today. I don't know her positions on policy so I have no opinion of her. It is of no interest to me since I don't vote in Cal. I have read where you have called at least one president an idiot. Personally I don't believe any person elected president is an idiot. If they were, then I would have sympathy for them because they could justify their policies by their lack of intelligence. Having respect for the abilities of our presidents, I hold all of them accountable for their policies including the current one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    Don't get me started on Obama's lies.
    Obama is not up for election in Ca. When he is up for re-election in 2 years. His lies will matter and should be held against him. Until then, it is not relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by depittydawg View Post
    Obama is not up for election in Ca. When he is up for re-election in 2 years. His lies will matter and should be held against him. Until then, it is not relevant.
    The POTUS lies are only relevant every four years? How nice, but stoopid!
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    Chances are....

    1. The letter came and was opened by Whitman's husband. Since it wasn't particularly alarming and seemed to apply more to the maid than to the members of the household, he asked the maid to check it out.

    2. The maid pocketed the letter in furtherance of her other deceits.

    3. The maid was fired later when the deceit was discovered.

    4. The maid pulled out the letter and went to Ms. Allred.

    All-in-all, the maid is guilty of lying to the employment agency and the Whitman's. That's just about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dnf777 View Post
    I told your mommy all about it last night!


    Hope you understand, nothing personal....just a little tit-for-tat.
    this from the guy who has a meltdown when you mention family? way out of line, way way out. "telling your mommy" on someone implies the target is a crybaby, not a family insult. insinuating you were with another persons mother the night before is an entirely different matter.

    not even close to tit for tat. lucky for you none of us are the "run and tell the moderators" type, because that really is disrespectful

    if i had any respect for you at all i would have lost it all with this.

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