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Thread: Political Campaign ads

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    I don't have a problem with negative ads as long as they are truthful. I see nothing wrong with pointing out the voting record of someone in a district that oposes what the person voted for. I have a huge problenm with someone taking a quote out of context and attempting to use it to their advantage. Think about the cut and paste job by that left wing nut in Florida. Gray (something) who tried to change a statement 180 degrees.
    He should be charged with defemation of character and whatever else can be thrown at him.
    Actually, one of the problems is that there are no requirements at all that ads be truthful. In fact, since politicians are "public" individuals, there are also almost no protections against libel. Anybody that wants can say pretty much anything with no liability at all. The overwhelming majority of all attack ads, regardless of source, are completely misleading. Lies make make better stories, especially when you can never be called to account.

    BTW, Grayson's comment was not a misquote, it was satire.
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