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Thread: Best Marking Drill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Cassity View Post

    360ing a mark is the term my group came up when you throw a single, let the dog focus on the mark, heel in a tight circle at the line (360 degrees), line back up on the mark and then send. 360ing the mark gives a single gunner time to retire, gives the dog a memory picture, works on developing the picture again - which helps build memory.

    Hope this helps
    I have never heard of or thought to do this ... very interesting.

    Maybe might make some dogs “nervous” or “Jacked up” at first (i.e. thinking “no bird”, confused.... etc...) But, I see it as a way to get a dog relaxed about walking away from a mark, an opportunity to work on basic OB, and in the end a bit of memory as well as line communication opportunity for the handler/dog.

    Simple. Thoughtful. Nice idea!
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    The original post was about pin point marking, maybe a little semantics here. Pin point marking on multiples Has a lot of natural born talents involved. Most well bred retrievers can be taught to run blinds. Marking is a skill that can be developed , but, marking skills with pin point percision is sometimes a born with talent as already stated.

    I think there could be a good thread here on developing marking skills. As an example young dogs should be first taught the mechanics of a mark. Things already discussed such as the bird in the mouth to develop multiple skills or starting off with single marks easy to get to and easy to find. As marking skills are developed marks that are hard to get to,handling skills, but, easy to find once the destination has been met. Simple focus skills such as a hey, hey, or a single shot before the mark is thrown and as soon as the sit, then gunner is signaled for the real mark and a shot is fired. Young dogs very quickly learn to look out past short guns or stickmen. Remote throwers could fire an empty blank and as the dog focus on the station, the mark is then shot for those that train alone. Just a few ideas and others will have many more.
    Earl Dillow

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