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Thread: obama rallies have a dress code. don't honor the military

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
    Not honoring the military has nothing to do with this story. This man’s union boss felt the shirt and hat were inappropriate to wear at an Obama rally for obvious reasons, and it had nothing to do with honoring, or not honoring, the military. The guy should have realized that when he put it on. If he didn’t, he should have understood when it was pointed out to him. He chose not to turn the shirt inside out or remove it, and it cost him. I don’t know if that is grounds for firing him, but he will need to work that out with his union.
    Actually it most likely is grounds for him filing a lawsuit. He was hired to do a job. I bet nothing in his contract states nor can state a political preference.
    I will also bet money he did not violate any official dress code.
    Whether one considers it bad taste or not is not what applies in this matter.
    This is strictly a matter of employment laws.
    If any employee was wearing anything pro Obama and not treated the same he does have grounds based on employment laws to file a lawsuit.
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    He may have grounds to sue. I don't know. However, according to him, his union made the call on his inappropriate dress. If, as stated, they have an "all black" dress code for the event, they are dictating what attire is appropriate. There are a lot of contracts that have clauses regarding any inappropriate behavior that would cause harm to the reputation of the employing entity. Some have rules against making political statements or expressions. I do not know if that is the case here. However, if IATSE wants the chance to place worker in a variety of venues and events, it is probably a good idea to have your workers appear politically neutral.

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    I guess your "point for the post is to illustrate the intolerance of the " right "that" has and " is rearing it's ugly head more and more every day". Obviously, you are completely out of line. It only takes one idiot to do something stupid. The worker had every right to wear his shirt. It takes a movement to use the power of the government to suppress dissent.

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