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Healthy or not, a young guy like Cody could have an accident ... and he'd get more than his money's worth back in health care.

When my son was in the hospital many years ago, his roommate was an average, healthy guy ... who had gone into his attic to get something & then stepped back and fell through the hole where the pull-down stairs were ... he had his spleen removed as a result of the accident.

Insurance is really supposed to be for the catastrophic stuff. I've been paying for health insurance for 20+ years as an individual (and still paying over $300/mo on Medicare), and amount that is approaching $100K paid in ... but in the end the $ I've paid in will be a drop in the bucket as age changes the odds of me having a serious illness. $100K won't buy that much when it comes to a major hospital stay, surgery, and/or cancer treatments.
Accidents can happen but it would be a huge long shot for it to not happen either in a car or at work both places I would be covered. Like i said i work for a great company and the insurance in very cheap but i honestly wouldn't feel the need to get it if it wasn't so cheap.