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Thread: Cream Golden Retriever

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    Default Cream Golden Retriever

    Scout is a cream colored golden. I had never seen one of these before. He is 2 months into the Lardy program. He came to me a 14 months and wild as a march hare. I had to accelerate the ecollar conditioning.
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    Pretty color! My puppy is blond but has more variation in his coat color, darker on top. Best of luck with him.
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    There is a breeder here in Jamestown PA who breeds cream colored goldens. In some parts of Europe, that is the norm.

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    Some call them "English Cream"

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    Or the rare White English Retriever......

    Just about died laughing when I read that as the breed on a recent Dog Whisper episode
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    Golden retrievers. Period. Nothing rare about them. None of mine are quite that light, but it is very common in European and English show lines. Some of them even like to work.
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    I've seen them before and also laughed at ads calling them "rare white" or "English Cream"; reminds me of the "polar" and bejema Labs. Never seen one doing field work though; you may indeed have a rare beast!
    Julie R., Hope Springs Farm
    Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1981

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    platinum is another term used... basically all these names are a way for puppymills and byb's to get much higher prices for what is just a GOLDEN RETRIEVER... red, orange, gold or cream its the same dog!

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