Weimaraner as duck dog?
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Thread: Weimaraner as duck dog?

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    Default Weimaraner as duck dog?

    I was wondering if anyone has used them as a duck dog. Would it stand the cold weather?

    Lookin toward to responses.
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    I had a friend who had one and used it some. The weather wasnt the issue with his it was gun shy. I know thats not simply a Weimaraner issue. He was fine with the weather just never able to get him aclimated to gun shots
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    Short answer..no, not enough coat, and not that crazy about H2O either! At least, that was my experience.

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    My question would be why? I'm of the school of waterfowl hunting with Retriever(Golden,Chess,lab) and upland hunting with a upland dog....If you want a dog to to both a Wirehair could do both or use a lab a lot of folks upland hunt with a lab!

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    I have a weim. We've passed 3 started tests. I've never had a gun issue. He loves the water. The last water retreive the judges have commented on how good he was. ( I realize that they might have just been trying to be nice)

    I am not sure how cold it gets where you are but mine is a house dog and he doesn't tollerate extreme temps well. If he gets too hot he won't pick up and when it snows I put a dog coat on him.
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    One of my pup owners breeds and shows Weims. One of her owners duck hunts w/ his Weim but admitted after borrowing Sam (lab) for a couple hunts in cold weather that the coat on a lab is much more functional.

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    Not......They stay and guard the camp...because there is some water out there.
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    I have a weim, he loves the water. Weims have webs between there toes like labs, so they can be good swimers. I never have hunted late season ducks with him. He has a lot heart, he wound give his best shot. I also have labs, when I duck hunt I like a dog that will handle. I've never tried to teach a weim to handle. But he was the easest dog I ever force fetched. He's a great dog with alot of personally.

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    Not......They stay and guard the camp...because there is some water out there.
    100% correct Jay, and those pink toenails make your buddies laugh at you
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    I haved lab more 20 years, field trial type and I know and like .

    Many years I haved weim and hunting duck . The weims were very speedy swiming and persistent retrievers. the coat on a lab is much more functional, my weimas heaved heart bat for cold water is better a lab.

    I Mexico I was a field trial -25 years ago - wit my wei and go first , many labs in that. is no better we know was only my dogs live near a lake and I was training many hours .

    Germany weim test are very good retrieving and some running you can to see



    In this moment I like specialist field trial pointer and labs .

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