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Thread: Why are We in Afghanistan??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint Watts View Post
    Maybe my memory is weak, but I do believe 911 sold it to the American people, and stating that Bush needing a war was the reason for Afghanistan is kinda left wing nutty.
    oh no clint! these guys are independent centrists, and dont you realize bush and cheney were behind 9/11?

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    Lets play 'what if'.

    What if some Mexican drug cartel, or even some Reconquista group set up along the TX border? They occupy an area of TX and begin attacking.
    Then this group expands and launches a terroist attack on Europe to expand their influence?

    Then say, the Dutch, French, Germans, and English, et al, say to the US, 'you're not in control of your territories, we're going to help you'.

    They send troops to 'help us' , but soon we find that these troops are killing many of us as well.

    How long before we realize that 'my friend is my enemy'.

    How long would you tolerate the 'helpers"?

    We're in Afghanistan now cause it feels right. How long til it feels bad?

    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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