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Do you feel that, overall, The People are more or less informed about the issues of the day than in the 60's & 70's, or even '85 (when Jay first started his Senate career), when all we had were the networks & newspapers?
Well my answer would be yes. People were much better informed in the 60's and 70's than they are today. News was news back then. Not profit centers for multi-national corporations with their own agendas. Studies I've seen have shown that american's in general are very misinformed about the world around us. The real problem is probably one of lack of interest more than anything else.
If a person has the brains and curiosity to know what is happening in this world, there are many resources available. It doesn't take a whole lot of savvy to cut through the crap at Fox and other sources to get at the truth. Those who desire the truth have no problem finding it. Those who want their narrow world views reinforced (political spectrum notwithstanding), have no problem getting their fix from their safe reliable sources and hence, remaining mostly ignorant to the world around them.