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Our Air Traffic control system is operating on the same technology that was in place when Lesle Neislon's movie "Airplane" was released, with about 300% more flights to separate.
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Privatize, anyone?
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The big conservative mantra is to privatize. That doesn't always end up providing efficient service. If you are in our neighborhood on Thursdays, you will witness no less than six big diesel garbage trucks picking up trash and another picking up recyclables. All for the 14 houses in just our cul-de-sac. I have lived in town where just one city truck did everything.

Another good example of privatization gone awry is the privatization of National Forest campgrounds. One concessionaire took over all the USFS campgrounds in a national forest in Colorado. Four years ago, he was was charging $26 just to have a half hour picnic. That with facilities built with tax money.
Actually, my thought would be that the entire system should go in an IPO . Airport, Infrastructure, Management & whatever else is needed. It could not be any worse than the present system. Actually I believe our public utilities are sanely managed & would be a good pattern to follow.

Your example of concessionaires is actually weak. There are too many political intangibles in a concessionaire operation to be on the same page as an outright sale of infrastructure assets.

Bechtel just built a bridge here, will be paid out of user fees, both sides win & those who do not use the bridge will not have to pay .