[quote=depittydawg;719439]The bill referred to in this debate is the Bush Tax Extension. The one that passed both houses of congress this week. The one that passed the Senate with like 89 votes. The one that was 'negotiated' by Obama and the Republican congressional leadership behind closed doors. The bill that was rammed through the senate in about 2 days, no debate, and shoved through the house at midnight last night.
Several of you are referring to a separate bill, the spending bill, which was the funding for the government to carry through to the end of the fiscal year, Sept 2011. That is the bill the republicans threatened to filibuster and stopped. Otherwise this congress would have spent about 2 trillion dollars instead of only giving away 800 billion dollars that they have no way of paying for.

Like I said, this country is hopeless. I seriously doubt the United States will remain solvent over the next 30 years.[/quote]

By then we will be owned by China. Better get to practicing your goose step now.