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Thread: It's Lobster Day Today

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    Happy Aniversary!! That is quite an accomplishment.

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    Congrats on the 51!

    The lobsters may feel differently, but I'm happy for you!
    God Bless PFC Jamie Harkness. The US Army's newest PFC, but still our neighbor's little girl!

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    Thanks to all for the sincere good wishes .

    dback - I think the road back for the Huskies is going to be a long one. Barbara Hedges, former AD, did more damage to the program than I thought possible. & it didn't help that Phil put 100 mil into the Ducks program. Competition for the athlete that can spell success for a program just got much harder. But it would be nice, I haven't forgotten that I owe U for last season. I dread the bowl game with NE - a close score would be somewhat of a moral victory, just don't think it will happen

    Bon - wished I lived closer to Clint & George for training purposes, Mary Hallowell is trying to get me to take a new pup .

    Marvin S

    Everyone's friend is No One's friend

    Someday your life will flash before your eyes. It's your responsibility to make sure it's worth watching!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    it didn't help that Phil put 100 mil into the Ducks program.
    Man o man......that's an understatement, recruiting against them has become a real bear. I'd like to see you guys do well against Nebbie but I''m not betting on it.

    51 is quite an accomplishment!!!!!
    A recent study found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer then the men who mention it.

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    All the best to you and yours!
    Still a long way to go from 27 here.
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