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Thread: Soc. Sec. rate Change

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    Quote Originally Posted by david gibson View Post
    notice there is still no explanation to post 20? so far no one has even tried to spin that, i wonder why? because it defies all their previous logic and exposes their hypocrisy?

    we win.
    Additionally he refuses to answer why he attacked me for simply replying to nonpolitical questions with factual answers using gov't sources as the reference for the answers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul young View Post
    no, that's not what i said at all. i said that 10% of your earnings paid into social security over 40 years, if allowed to accrue a modest interest rate, would cover the payout of your social security fund if you lived another 15 or so years after retirement.

    in my opinion, that would only be about 35-40% of what you need at retirement to maintain a decent quality of life. and that's at present. by the time you retire, you may need substantially more to maintain your standard of living. save every dollar you can, and depend on no one's help, would be my advice.-Paul
    In an (futile) effort to keep this on track you're right that is what you said I misread sorry. I'm paying every dollar I can to get out of debt quickly (stupid students loans and a car haha) and then pretty much everything else will go towards a house and retirement so I hope to be okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nor_Cal_Angler View Post
    It worked out fine for the few months I did it....then I found that like most things and people.....IT IS OVER RATED!!!!!!!

    His first fault. His second His fault...his last two were a walk in the park.

    I gave it up...I dont need a ribbon or title....and he doesnt either!!!!!!

    What I need is a dog that will double or triple a blind in a actual HUNT and he does that better than any dog I have had or have hunt with. He also works a field for upland better than any dog I have had or have hunt with.

    I guess my weekend warrior will have to be satisfied with being a dog that hunts to hunt...not be good behind a piece of fabric, heel to two pieces of ribbon on the ground, wait for a few caged birds to "magicly" pop up and be shot by someone hiding behind a few other pieces of fabric, pretend to be intrested race to them, pick them up, bring them back and then get holed up in a car for a long period of time and finally at the end of what I can only imagine is a boring day for him get a stupid ass ribbon he could careless about.

    So if your concern for my 2 year old Sig, on my dogs HT status is that important to you...let me put it to bed for you...

    HE DOESNT GIVE TWO S#!TS about it...and neither does his owner. I didnt come to this forum to rack up paperwork and ribbons, I came here to get some basic insight on how to SELF train my dog and that is exactly what I accomplished...he made two passes, and would walk right through his next two...prob would do well at SH as well, might not make it beyond that but like I said....HE doesnt CARE.

    He cares about....REAL Land Blinds, Real Boat Blinds, Real birds that get called in, and BITCHES in HEAT (and that damn yorky next door is driving him crazy)

    Worry less about my dogs accolades, and more about your hypocrisy regards,

    Jake, I apologize if you think I was sh**tin' on your dog. I didn't mean to. I'm sure he's a fine dog and you love him. It's you I don't like.
    There will come a time though, that because you live to be old and "Gusto" will only live to be maybe 14 or 15, and you'll still be young. You'll be wishing, I could have had a pup outta him. Thats where the games and the titles come in. Sure there are jerks in the dog games, but if he is field proven, not just Jake proven, then maybe, just maybe, you get a chance to breed him to a Proven bitch, and your stud fee is a pup. Then you got a "Gusto" pup by your side once again. That's what the games are really about, not ribbons. Continuing the line, improving the breed. If he's really good... he deserves a chance. JD
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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