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Thread: America's worst 10 years start right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    David, I'm alot older than you...JD

    If you shave off that SF bullseye goatee, you could look better too.

    (I'm not ready to stop snarky quite yet. )


    well not until dinner comes outta the oven...
    enjoy your "nutria helper"

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    The irrigation canal formaly known as the Rio Grande


    Quote Originally Posted by david gibson View Post
    enjoy your "nutria helper"

    Kinda obscure DG, but if you mean the beaver in the other room...yeah, I still enjoy...JD
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    I'll give you an example of a piece of legislation I rewrote on a county level. The county decided that they wanted to protect their employees and introduced a bill to prevent the possession of a firearm on county property. If passed, you can be sure that some liberal judge would interpret that to mean you couldn't carry a firearm in a vehicle while it was traveling on a county road. I simply rewrote the bill to clarify the language and submitted it back to them. If that is a lobbyist, then I guess I am one. It just seems to me that if the bill is written correctly the first time, a lot of time and effort could be spared. Right or wrong, many legislators appreciate having a bill or an outline handed to them. Their staff still verifies the information in it, but they don't have to start from scratch, and I can give them references as to where to find the information. Believe it or not but the legislators don't have unlimited resources. The new senator for my district is only getting half of the funds that her predecessor got for office staff. If I can help with research and wording, then I will help. It will save them time and maybe get a bill passed more quickly. Damn, I guess I really am a lobbyist. I just never thought of it that way. My apologies.
    I know enough, I just can't think of most of it.

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