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True that!!!
Defense needs to be cut and streamlined
Dept of State policy of "Diplomacy through Bribery" policy needs to be ended. Besides being morally and ethically wrong, it usually accomplishes nothing, or is in fact counterproductive.

Dept of Education -eliminated
Dept of Homeland Security-eliminated
FEMA- eliminated
Dept of Energy- eliminated
Dept of Agriculture slashed and eventually eliminated

All departmental budgets need to be put on a Zero- Base plan.

We also need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Additionally they need to eliminate earmarks etc enact rules where a bill dealing with Defense ONLY deals with Defense; and not a bridge to nowhere or whatever.
No more 3000 page bills written mostly by lobbyists;, that nobody can read or understand.

And lastly I would force about a trillion gallons of Massengill douche down K street and flush them all the way to China

Holy Moly! Did you run this past Roger and the other libs on board, or have you LEFT...an obvious pun...the reservation???

Man-O-Man, as Elvis would say, with libs like you, we don't need any more conservatives.

I would have to agree with almost all of your 'bullet' points. But as a small amount of clarification for the non-Ag folks, as ORIGINALLY structured, the Ag dept was to deal with getting the best possible prices for the farmers exports. Like so many bureaucracies, we can all see what it has morphed into.

Those, like me, that find the ethanol fiasco to be another subsidy joke, need to be aware it's not the farmer they need to lambast, but their tree-huggin-bastardly environmental goons. At least that product is getting more done than the electric windmill rip-offs, solar panels, electric cars...and the plethora of "green" projects, establishing further bureaucracies to mask the environmental whacko programs being shoved down the throats of the PC liberals in this nation.

The measuring stick I use concerning the various 'corn-gas' and other 'food-for-vehicle-usage' programs is: When the farmers start burning that diesel substitute in their tractors and combines, the product may be worth developing. For now, it's like the electric cars...mainly a toy to play with, so the environmentalists can point to all they are doing to clean up the air etc.