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Thread: You'll Never Find Anyone on Faux Comparing Liberals to Nazis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    you're right I don't watch Fox. I listen to it on my Sirius Radio, every day.

    I expose myself to conservative opinion, rather than shelter myself like many conservatives I know.

    WTF are you blubbering about??? The conservatives that read the bilge produced by just you and Roger are so completely unsheltered it's amazing we are still sane. Then we have to put up with the phoney 'independants' that are the most ludicrous in their rants for trying to make us believe their stands are anything but completely socialistic.

    Top all that off with the rash of RINOs on board, that don't grasp the difference between a conservative and a bleeding heart liberal...and we're the ones that are "sheltered"???

    We can't get away from your messiah's message; It's everywhere we look. From the the local brain-washed AP news-readers on radio and TV, to the namby-pamby pablum-slobbering 'editorials' that make me want to just wipe my arse with them. Yep, WE are the 'sheltered' class.

    However, I'll gladly accept that definition, as opposed to the hypocrites, a-holes, and imbiciles you are surrounded by. Keep falling on the sword for your annointed leader. You have two years to go, and it won't matter who runs against him, he'll be a one term asterisk in the history books.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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