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Thread: Are You Better Off Than @ Years Ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotel4dogs View Post
    worse off. business is down, costs/taxes are up. adult kids can't make it on their own any more due to bad economy and ask for money loans. when we were promised "change" I figured this was the change that was coming, but a lot of people wouldn't listen to me.
    As an "adult kid" I am way better off then before. I would say it has absolutely nothing to do with government at all though. I have a great job where the company has seen sales increases of 15+% both years I have worked here. Gotten huge raises. I will be completely out of debt by the end of next year even paying for my wife's student loans. Currently going back to school to get my bachelors full time while working full time and paying for it out of pocket.

    So yeah I'm doing better but I attribute that to me working hard to get what I want. Not really a better economic environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    Really.....please describe these "projects."

    I do business with other businesses that communicate B2B and B2C.

    Not one of them have received a dime, nor do we know of anyone in the private sector that has received a dime.
    Any hope or increase is do to the entrepenuerial spirit that has always driven America, not "stimulus" money.

    Again, please elaborate on these "stimulus" projects.
    In detail..........if you can.

    Actually, one of my customers worked on a bridge project in MO that was touted as the first project to utilize stimulus funds. I have another customer still working on a local highway construction project in Overland Park, KS being paid for with stimulus funds.

    Attached is a link about the bridge project. Here is a link to the US-69 project. I can’t give you much more detail that that. I only know what my customers have told me about them. I don’t know who has been paid or not paid.
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