… some things last night after pm’ing a poster here. I’m sure there have been others smarter than me who have thought and spoken of these ideas before but here goes…

Cars kill more people per year on average than firearms, yet no one is proposing to ban cars even though car ownership is not a constitutionally guaranteed right. You also don’t have to have a driver’s license to buy a car, pass a background check for certain types of cars or state on a Federal form that you’re not a mental patient, user of controlled substances, ever been accused of domestic violence, ever renounced your citizenship etc. In fact you don’t even have to be a citizen. Anybody ever had to wait 3 days to take possession of a car?

And not to minimize the terrible loss of life and the injuries in Tucson, but if Jared Loughner had bought a car, instead of a gun, and plowed into the crowd at 65 mph, does anyone think that we’d be hearing about bills to say, limit car speeds to 35 or making it illegal to knowingly drive a car within a 1000’ of “certain high level federal officials”? Do you think we’d hear reports about the President planning speeches and a legislative push because “car ownership laws have been too loose for too long”? Do you think there would be lobby groups calling for bans of certain “high powered vehicles” because they’re more likely to be used by drug dealers and the like?
Would we hear ideas to ban private sales of cars between two private parties or at car shows without a dealer involved? And lastly, do you think we’d have a law pass, similar to the ammunition one in CA (though it was struck down in Appeals court) that would force you to show your driver’s license, record the amount and type and have the dealers information recorded as well, before you could buy gas to use in your car?!?

Just some things to, hopefully, make ya go, “hmmm?”