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I don't gamble, used to fairly successfully. Made around a $1,000 one summer doing the hounds at BHKC when I was at Mines. Again I had a system which managed to hit 9 out of 10 races one night & the Daily Double. I also had a couple of hounds that owed me a lot. When I accompany the bride to the casino I entertain myself people watching, while that can be entertaining there is not a lot of talent to watch & I still have fairly good eyesight. Bon probably does much better in that category .
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the ONE thing the books cant control is the bounce of the ball, and sometimes the officiating but as clearly evidenced by the ex NBA ref that got busted a few yrs back that too is up for speculation
Why I enjoyed betting the dogs, until I found out what they do with them when they are old & no longer useful. They are very hard to manipulate, but a telltale sign was a change in weight of 2# or more. The guy running the rabbit had to pay attention as a race would really get screwed up if they just about caught it.

The summer I spent a lot of time at BHKC the star dog was Rushing Roy & he was in a class by himself. I bet Quinella's & the DD. Early foot was a big deal but most who had it did not have the stamina for a 5/16's race. One night a son of RR was in the field & moving up in classification. He was also a little awkward & running out of the 2 box. So I bet him & the dog with early foot in a Quinella figuring that when they hit the 1st turn the RR son would overrun & take out the field but the Early foot dog would be beyond the turn. It happened that way, but the early foot dog only held to second by a nose. I made some money off the 3rd place dog the rest of the summer, he also was quite an animal. Neat thing about Quinella's was 1 winner a night kept you even, 2 put you in the green.