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Thread: Unemployment down to 9% ??

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    unemployment in Las Vegas is down to 15% that's because the other 4% left town looking for jobs..and Harry Reid got re elected....go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Perry View Post
    I believe that was covered in the origional post. Of course the weather had nothing to do with it or did it?
    Analysts said severe winter weather likely reduced the number of jobs created in January. Harsh snowstorms last month cut into weather-prone industries like construction, which saw employment fall by 32,000, the most since May. Transportation and warehousing also fell by 38,000 the most in a year.

    huntinmanUnemployment down to 9% ??
    With only 36,000 jobs created last month, less than 1,000 per state. Half a million unemployed just quit looking last month.

    More "fuzzy math" from the administration...
    Hey Roger, it snows every winter. Warms up in the spring. Gets hot in the summer. Cools down in the fall. Gets cold and snows again the next winter. Maybe those experts you rely on could account for that in the forcast.
    Bill Davis

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