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Thread: Just an idle question...maybe should be in the Real Estate section

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    Default Just an idle question...maybe should be in the Real Estate section

    How much would you expect to pay for a business that included 65 indoor/outdoor kennels in good condition? What kind of income do you think such an asset like this might provide given it was fairly near a medium sized city?

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    i would want to see their books for last few years
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    I would look at the State > County >City in that order and see if that geographical are is trending up or down...America has shifted and people are headed to the sunbelt regions where other jobs exist. I would also look at the crime statistics of the city and the average mean income or what large industries might be in the area, along with the closest major area..

    I am basing my answer on my friends in Austin who have had a boarding/kennel operation that has been in their family since their Dad who was a long time welll known field trailer started it back in the late 60's..They are in an old part of the city but within minutes of the airport and the city is attracting new residents at an alarming rate as many hi tech companies (Apple, eBay, Dell ) have major offices there..
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    Go to National Kennel Sales website. You will find any manner of businesses in markets large and small. If you are serious and send them an NDA, they will send you a presentation package with financials on any listing you might want to investigate. Very informative website.

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