There will be Optigen DNA testing at the Golden Specialty this coming week. While most of the blood draws will be done at the show site in Asheville, Kaye Fuller will be doing blood draws on Monday evening at the Field Trial Welcome Dinner. She has also said that she will be available to draw blood Tuesday and Wednesday as her schedule at the trial allows.

The Golden Specialty field trial is Mon, Tues, Wed, Oct. 27-29. It has quite a nice entry 51 in Open; 58 in Amateur; 62 in Qualifying and 23 in Derby. I counted 5 FC and/or AFCs entered, and 2 more from Canada.

The blood draw and shipping of the blood samples is sponsored by The Golden Retriever Foundation. You order your Optigen tests online, pay by credit card directly to Optigen when you order, and then bring your order form with you for the blood draw.

Any breeds that want to participate can do so as long as your samples are included with our bulk shipment to Optigen.

If you would like to participate, you MUST contact me to get on the "Master List". My direct email address is shown in my signature. I will send you a pdf document with instructions and discount code.

For non-Goldens you can NOT send samples directly to Optigen and get this discount ... you can ONLY get the discount if your sample goes in with our bulk shipment.

If you're in the Asheville area, you're certainly welcome to participate at that site as well ... but you MUST get your dog on the "Master List" for the clinic.