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Thread: New Guy Looking for Guidance

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    Default New Guy Looking for Guidance

    I am training my 15 week old yellow lab, Abbey for doves and ducks. I have gone so far on Richard Wolters' books which are likely somewhat dated from what I have read on this site and others. She sits well, heals OK, comes OK, kennells a little, stays ok and is basically housebroken and crate trained. We train some at home in the yard and some in the fields/woods or on the beach (located in Myrtle Beach). She is the most laid-back lab I have ever seen, and I have had two others that were house dogs. My only real complaint is that she is not overly excited about fetching dummies. I try to make it fun and exciting but after a couple of short (10-15 feet) tosses, she is a little over it. Otherwise she seems to be progressing very well.

    I would appreciate any advice on any of the following:

    Best Food?

    how to increase excitement for retrieving dummies?

    when to introduce shotguns (skeet shoots, etc)?

    When to introduce e-collar?

    Should I introduce whistle?

    Dummy launcher?

    How old for first "real hunt" (even if she just goes to "watch")

    Thanks in advance.

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    Throw those books away and purchase Bill Hillmann's training at retriever puppy. it'll cover everything you ask about except maybe the skeet shoots never do that
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    So CaptainJack is spot on. Hillmann's puppy DVD series is where you want to look. I used Lardy's series to finish my dog, but that is another story. I would avoid taking the dog to any gun ranges- there is no positive benefit, especially when you can achieve steadiness with a shotgun in a more controlled environment.


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    Since you're in Myrtle Beach, new to retrievers, and want to learn, I would suggest contacting one of the officers in the Cape Fear Retriever Club in Rocky Point NC. Tell them your new and want to get started on the right path with your new puppy. Ask if you can attend a "training day" and go. Then go back for more. A newbie's success often depends on who they rub shoulders with early on.
    Good luck.
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