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Thread: Underground fence issue/question

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    Default Underground fence issue/question

    So after the umpteenth argument with the neighbors over the dogs peeing on the property line, I finally broke down and put in an underground fence. Long story short, I read the instructions wrong and collar was on high setting when I thought it was on lowest. Youngest, sensitive dog got nailed and now won't leave my side when we are in the yard, not even to do his business. Settings have been corrected and I'm trying to show them 'safe zones' with walks around the yard, MUCH positive reinforcement and 'happy' bumpers.

    Anyone have any insight on methods to try and correct my dumb mistake other than what I'm already doing?

    Also has anyone seen carryover from using a fence in the yard to using an ecollar when training outside the yard?
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    I've trained some dogs that are kept in an in-ground fence and it offers special challenges but its not too bad. First you want to avoid burning the dog. It's a little late for that but all is not lost. I've worked through that too. Keep the collar on low and really jolly that dog up every chance you get. It'll come around but it may take a week or two. The biggest problem with field work is its easy for the dog to confuse any stimulation with "don't go past here". This is especialy aggrivating when casting with collar stimulation. Collar condition the dog inside the in-ground but away from the edges. If you start out in the field they'll usually just lock up.

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