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Thread: What to do next??

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    Default What to do next??

    This is my first time training a pup for hunting (and my first time on the forum) so I am kind of at a loss, and sorry ahead of time for the large amount of info but I want yall to understand exactly where were at. About a month and a half ago I rescued a 6 month old yellow lab. At first I didn't plan on hunting with him, but he seems to have a great temperament for it. When I first got him he was fairly timid, and still is around new people for about 5-10 minutes before he warms up to them. I let him settle for about 4 days and then we started to work on his basic obedience. He took to sitting and staying extremely quickly (strong desire to please is my guess.) He heels well while were out on walks in the neighborhood, but not so much when we go other places. The first bumper I got him didnt interest him at all, since I've gotten a new one and he cant get enough of going after the new one. Inside the house he does great with going right after it and bringing it right back, whenever we go out to the backyard however he wants to romp and run around with it (one of the parts im having difficulty with.) I took him out to the area we hunt in here in TN the first day of the season (more of a scouting trip then an actual hunting trip hence why I took him.) We ended up spooking 2 drakes and 4 hens out of a hole (my buddy not the pup) and Winchester didn't bark at all but he did have all of his attention on the birds. We also sat for about a hour and a half and he sat right beside me the whole time and didnt make a single noise. Ive introduced him to the sounds of the shotgun as well. He seemed to do well, even when standing only a few feet from my friend firing. This week I plan on going to get him a dummy, but as far as what exactly to do next is kind of beyond me. Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to RTF. You need the guidance of a solid retriever training program and once settled on should follow it as recommended. Programs offered by those such as Lardy, Graham, and Hillman would be very helpful in acquiring needed skills and keeping you and your pup on task regarding training. Also, consider joining a retriever club as you will meet folks that can help you, likely gain opportunties for group training, and you will have fun along the way. Good luck with ye pup and enjoy him.


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    Winchester16, Welcome...What Irishwhistler said is all good... As for out in the yard, you might want to put pup on a long lead or rope and if he romps around with the dummy, gently reel him in and praise him for coming. He is a pup so short attention span. If you post where you are in TN, maybe someone will give you ideas on retriever clubs, I think there are at least two in your state. Even if you are just training for hunting,you want your pup to be the best he can be..
    Good Luck!

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