Do you fly more or less?
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Thread: Do you fly more or less?

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    Default Do you fly more or less?

    I did not want to hijack Marvins thread, but did want to reply to Cotts query of Uncle bill saying he was done flying after having to deal with the security lines in his socks.

    Prior to 9-11, I flew at least 2 times per week with my job in Alaska and between Alaska and Seattle. We all know what happened with "security" after 9-11. It got so crazy, I finally left that job. Who needs to put up with being treated like a farm animal to get on a plane?

    I do a lot of hunting out west. For my last 4 big game hunts out west, I have chosen to drive 24 hours EACH WAY just to avoid the hassle of dealing with the airports and the so called security. I shudder to think how many former passengers nationwide have done the same and are chosing to drive. The industry can't afford to lose many more passengers. What are your thoughts?...Don't touch my junk regards
    Bill Davis

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    And I hit the road a fair amount.

    ex: If I make a run from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities I drive now.
    It now takes less time to drive 650+ miles than to fly.

    Stan b & Elvis

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    I fly more now and not because I want to. The job has changed and requires me to be in the air more. I will admit it gets harder to fly every week. I fly out of STL and we have lost our American hub and most of our direct flights on AA to cities not named Chicago and Dallas. I just go into with the understanding that I will probably depart late, arrive late and miss about 2 out of every 10 connections. Nothing I can do about it. Too far to drive...

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    Much less.

    Used to enjoy flying to the point that navigating the airport wasn't so bad. In the post 9-11 era, the curves have crossed, and it ain't worth it, if there's any other reasonable mode of transportation available.

    Plus, once I got pulled out of the boarding line right at the plane for a pat-down WHILE IN MY US ARMY CAPTAIN'S DRESS UNIFORM, I had enough!
    God Bless PFC Jamie Harkness. The US Army's newest PFC, but still our neighbor's little girl!

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    I used to fly 3 or 4 times a month. Now I fly maybe once a year. If I can drive it in 12-15 hours, I drive.
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    At certain times of the year I fly several times a week.

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    I really soured on flying when it cost me an extra hundred for am overweight duffel bag for a bowhunting trip to Idaho....with duck hunting the only place I will probably fly is when I get to go to Canada...same goes for the dogs..I drove from LV>TX>Idaho to pick them up instead of having them shipped on a plane
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    If I have to go somewhere that requires public transport I will take a train. I don't hug people, elbow bumps or handshakes work quite well, strangers are that & they don't get to touch me.

    I consider it one of the many stupid things B43 did, appointing Mineta as the DoT in such a critical time. It's another scam, previous officials have companies selling worthless crap to hasten the process.

    The airlines are actually doing quite well, apparently there are enough people who desire fondling that they fill up the seats. Have you seen some of the body scans on the internet?

    Were we to win the lottery, our only expenditure would be for some hours on a private jet to go places my wife would like to see . Otherwise it has to be driveable with our TT.

    Marvin S

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    I probably fly half a dozen times per year for work, and a couple of time on personal business. I used to enjoy it. Now I hate to fly. What a hassle! I went to Chicago last week for work, and chose to drive 8-1/2 hours rather than fly. Even though I don’t like talking on the phone while driving, I was able to still talk to take care of customer issues while I traveled.

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    I definately fly out a lot less but because I still live in Alaska and choose not to drive the Alcan Hwy to the lower 48, takes too long to get anywhere. Unfortunately just fly out once or twice a year. For waterfowl hunting I just take local charters.

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