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Thread: Freeloader or not?

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    Senior Member Gerry Clinchy's Avatar
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    Great news about the new job, Duck!

    What you may find is that the coverage from the employer is better coverage than the state plan.

    As for "free-loading" ... I'd guess that the taxes you've paid for many years (that have funded this benefit for others) would not classify you as a "free-loader". And Luv mentions a good point ... whether there will be any penalty for not enrolling the kids as soon as they are eligible.

    Option 3 ... maybe ... for the 90-day probationary period ... sometimes you can stay on your present employer's plan for a period of time and pay the premium yourself. Since you were scheduled for layoff anyhow; depending on the # of employees of your employer; depending on the terms of the contract with the employer. Although maybe you've already inquired about that? Also might check out open enrollment periods for a non-profit if you have one in NC. Some of them offer "temporary" plans for interim periods like this.
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    Good for you Duck.
    Do what's right for you and your family.
    If that's considered freeloading by some here........screw them.
    You'll be paying taxes to support their butts anyway, so don't worry!

    Good luck at the new job, and I just hope it leaves you time for your family and a little retriever training. Lord knows a job can put a dent in dog time.
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    Duck, Glad you found a new job. I would add my 2 cents, but I think I would just be echoing what almost everyone else is saying. Take care of your family first. Do what’s best for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry Clinchy View Post
    Option 3 ... maybe ... for the 90-day probationary period ... sometimes you can stay on your present employer's plan for a period of time and pay the premium yourself.
    Option #3 sounds like cobra insurance...Family cobra is $1200+/month....not an option....

    Thank you for all of the thoughts and well wishes, everyone! You may not be seeing me around here as much as of next week. It seems that I will have a little less time on my hands in a company that is growing rather than shutting the doors in a couple months. Go figure!

    DNF, fortunately, it's still going to leave plenty of time for everything else. I will actually be getting off an hour sooner each day!

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    Senior Member Joe Martin's Avatar
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    Not freeloading at all - that's what the plan is for.

    Just be sure that you can put the kids on the company plan later without signing them up at the beginning.

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