Some time back, 18 months or so, I purchased a couple of bottles of Ken's syrup. The 1st one was good, but I thought it a waste to use a product of that quality on pancake mix that was not also conceived in the same manner. If you doubt what I say, read the ingredients on your next batch of pancake mix. So I looked around for some thing appropriate to use the 2nd bottle with.

My son owns a dairy, no spray, animals eat what is grown on the property mostly. One of his products is a yogurt that only has the culture in it, not what you get at the store.

So I opened the new bottle of Ken's syrup, added a couple of tbsp. to 1/3 of a pint, awesome. & the syrup is as clear as the day we received it. Good for you Ken, I'll be in contact shortly for more, what a quality product .