Although locked in fierce competition for what seems like forever, God & the Devil meet weekly for coffee just to catch up with each other. they alternate locations & this week it's God's turn to host. The Devil was whistling a happy tune as he walked through the gates & wore a huge smile as he plopped down in the golden chair. As he poured a cup, God said "you look pretty pleased with yourself". "Yeah" said the Devil, "Things are looking up since I got that Engineer last week. He's put in escalators & flush toilets, & he even found a way to control the heat in those old furnaces. I've been meaning to Thank You for turning him away." God looked stunned, almost spilling his coffee. "You know you're not supposed to get any engineers," said God. "Peter was breaking in some new help at the gates last week, & they must have made a mistake. Just send him back & we'll straighten it out." But the Devil just chuckled & said, "No, I think I'll keep him. He was talking about looking into better ventilation this week. I can see why you keep them all to yourself".

"Send him back," demanded God. "No" smirked the Devil. God thundered, "Send him back, or....." "Or what?" the Devil asked. "Or I'll sue," finished God.

The Devil chuckled again.

"Where are you going to get a lawyer?"