Did you get this from Dick Morris?

I sent them a few $$$, so I'm putting my money where my beliefs are. Hope others will as well. The LAV is one of the conservative organizations I will support.

I sincerely hope the Governor, and all you conservatives in Wisconsin prevail in this fight for freedom. You are the fulcrum of the most important political battle to be waged in the USA in my lifetime. May the Good Lord give you his blessing in this endeavor.


An Urgent Message from Dick Morris and Our Sponsor the League of American Voters

Dear Reader:
Gov. Scott Walker is close to the finish line and victory -- but the battle is not over.

Despite a solid vote of 51-17 in the Wisconsin state assembly to defeat the bloated public employee unions, the state Senate can't vote because Democrats remain in hiding.
And Gov. Walker has warned of over 12, 000 layoffs of state workers if the the Senate does not pass his bill.
Clearly this week is showdown week!

But Gov. Walker is under fierce attack, and the big unions and President Obama's leftwing allies are pouring millions -- I mean millions! -- into Wisconsin to force Gov. Walker and the state Senate to cave.
There are some indications these leftwing efforts are paying off.
Here's what the New York Times reported Saturday: "Some Republican leaders in other states have moderated their talk against state employee unions in recent days."

This is why the League of American Voters efforts are so critical.
This is a battle of public opinion that will affect the final vote in the Wisconsin Senate.

The League is already at the forefront in Wisconsin exposing the lies of the public employee unions.
The League of American Voters is the lead group defending and supporting Gov. Scott Walker.

So, far the League has unleashed a barrage of radio ads across the state of Wisconsin demanding that legislators stand with Gov. Walker -- and reminding the public that taxpayers can't afford the big salaries and lavish pension benefits of public employees.

And just this weekend, the League is making a telephone call to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens revealing that Gov. Walker's plan will dramatically improve education standards, by allowing incompetent teachers to be fired, giving good teachers merit pay and allowing parents the right to school choice.
For the big unions this is Armageddon!

If they lose in once liberal Wisconsin, they can be defeated in almost every state in the union. And they know this!

This is why I am urging you to support the League's Wisconsin and national efforts to expose the big unions and defend Gov. Walker.
The League urgently needs your financial support to continue its campaign this week.

As you know, the League was one of the leading groups that fought Obamacare. It has been credited with defeating Obama's "public option" -- which, if passed, would have destroyed private health care completely.
And last year the League led the fight to renew the Bush Tax Cuts with a national TV campaign featuring former Sen. Fred Thompson.
The League won that battle too.

Now, they are fighting this critical battle to restore fiscal sanity to this nation and to defend a true American hero, Gov. Scott Walker.
Please stand with Gov. Walker and us today!

Thank you.
Dick Morris

P.S. My sources tell me that the Democrats are planning a new wave of attacks on Gov. Walker this week. They are trying to stall a final vote, believing time is on their side. They think if they spend enough money on ads, they will win public support. That's why the League's work is so important and why they need your support right now.