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Thread: NFLPA vs NFL owners

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    A little NFL inside, back story here. When Gene Upshaw was alive, the Executive Directors torch for the NFLPA was to be passed from Gene to Trace Armstrong upon Gene's retirement. Before Gene retired he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and three days later he was dead.

    Gene's passing created a vacuum within the NFLPA. Although he had made his intentions known within the unions inner circle of wanting Trace to lead, he had never publicly made his intentions known to the press. So an executive search committee is hired to interview and find the most qualified candidates. Three emerge: Trace Armstrong (15 year NFL Vet, 8 year President of NFLPA during it's most lucrative period ever), Troy Vincent (15 year NFL Vet, 6 year President of the NFLPA and touted as one of it's strongest leaders) and DeMaurice Smith (Washington D.C. Lawyer, O Years NFL Vet, 0 Years President of NFLPA).

    So who do the players elect? The relatively unknown DeMaurice Smith, the Washington D.C. lawyer who has 0 sweat equity invested in the game or the players union. Why did the players reps. elect him. Because of his supposed close ties to President Barack Obama. The players figured with a Washington lawyer @ the helm with ties to a pro-labor President of the US they could do no wrong.......

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but my money is on the Owners.


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    I'm probably in the minority but I'm for the owners. Why should the employees run the company?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    it all starts with paying draftees outrageous sums of money based on where they are drafted...when a rookie get paid more than a tested veteran something in the system is flawed...I am all for a player getting what he can while he can


    I think the biggest scavenger in the whole process is the sports agent, they are basically licensed extortionists, flesh peddlers, and glorified pimps...they make up these contracts and basically put a Luca Brasi offer to the owner, and as long as there are the Daniel Snyder's and Jerry Jones owners out there the players will get someone to pay the salary
    Bingo, right on the money.

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    Got to ask the question: How does a judge order a dissolved organization back to the bargaining table? Does the NFLPA exist or doesn't it? Or is this just further proof that Unions have an unfair bargaining right that business can't compete with?

    T. Mac

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