Read this on the recommendation of NR, should have been called "Socail Issues". But it is a well written book not stocked by the local library but obtained on loan from a seminary . I will excerpt some of the more interesting to me anyway, points.

If it is acceptable for the female in a relationship to say she desires to opt out of child rearing, why is it not also acceptable for the male to have the same rights. Why does the female have the right of refusal & only the female?

The leftist worry about the right wing attack on public schools, as the left will not be able to survive politically without a public school system to spread leftist attitudes. As Sobran states "such defenses of public education say more than any charges I could level".

As often happens, those who demand tolerance for themselves turn out less willing, once they find a safe perch, to extend tolerance to others.

The last chapter "Happy At Home" was an interesting read in itself with the statement that stuck out "levelers want to level down, not up, to themselves". & so we describe the education establishment, IMO .