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Thread: Chiropractic

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    "I'll give you that you are consistent.

    Post after post crying out for attention, laced with personal insults and concocted anecdotes and the propensity for the over use of personal pro-nouns.

    By a poster that doesn't have the kahones to walk to the line................"


    That's not an insult Stan. If you find it so, then perhaps you're really upset with the behavior that prompted it.

    You are trying to start a pi$$ing match between chiros and mds, like the one on the RTF, and its not going to work. It is very obvious, and in poor taste.

    You should be embarassed. Stick to your own battles and don't try to stir things up between others.
    God Bless PFC Jamie Harkness. The US Army's newest PFC, but still our neighbor's little girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc E View Post
    Road Kill

    When I was an Intern, we treated the Chicago Blackhawks right at the rink.
    Nowdays, virtually all professional atlhlete teams (football, hockey, basketball -- you name it), have their own Team Chiros.

    Which school did you go to??

    My friends son is at "Lifetime (??)" in Atlanta.
    My chiro went to Palmer.
    I see it as well care at this point, a neccesity.
    It always makes me feel better.

    stan b
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    Stan b & Elvis

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