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CAIRO Millions of Egyptians voted freely on Saturday for the first time in more than half a century, joyfully waiting for hours to cast their ballots on a package of constitutional changes eliminating much-hated restrictions on political rights and civil liberties.

Perhaps you should ask the Egyptians.
In the post you quoted, I was referring to the reports of eastern Libya participation in Irag against the US and the argument by some that "we have to support all attempts for democracy".
But all "democracy" is not the same flavor.

And since you bring in Egypt's vote, maybe we should discuss "What did they vote for?" According to some reports, these constitutional reforms will make it easier for & would allow the Brotherhood and NDP to easily outpoll the dozens of political groups born out of the anti-Mubarak uprising, dividing power between former regime loyalists and supporters of a fundamentalist state a nightmare scenario for both Western powers and many inside Egypt.

Among those most fearful of the Brotherhood's rising power are Egypt's estimated 8 million Coptic Christians, whose leaders rallied the faithful to vote "no."

If a "popularly elected" anti-Western govt comes into power in Egypt, will it be a good thing "as long as they voted on it"?
These got written up and voted on pretty quickly, I wonder if they had to pass the bill so they can find out what's in it?
Any bets on how much involvement the ICG had in putting a package together for them?

I can easily foresee a situation develop now where Christians become "enemies of the new Egyptian People's revolution". We're already showing a preference to the Shiites over the Sunnis in Bahrain & Libya, how the Coptics come out doesn't look hopeful, imo.

I'll reserve judgement on this "vote" until there's more details about it.